June 2013 - 19 June 2013

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On the off-shore side, there are still some good Couta around although they are a lot fewer than last month.  There have been some serious Tuna moving around with the Dolphins, which has prompted something that is relatively new in this country, but has been done extensively in places like Australia and Oman. 

People are now actively casting GT Ice-Creams at these schools of Dolphin and the accompanying Tuna are coming up and smashing the surface lures.  The big advantage of the Ice-Cream is the distance and accuracy.  Some really good Queenfish have also been caught off-shore particularly on the barges and the bait-fish seems to have arrived at last.  Quite a few Snoek in the Durban North area whenever the sea is settled.

Shore-based fishing has definitely turned more toward winter with small Shad being fairly abundant in most places and almost a curse at times.  There are still some really big sharks around and they are showing a marked preference for live baits.  The Tugela area has been fishing quite well for Kob and there have been quite a few Garrick in the Zinkwazi, Iti Bay area.

There has been the odd Garrick at almost all the well-known spots, but nowhere has there yet been any major action.  It really should be starting to happen at any moment now.  Still quite a few Diamonds in the evening and the Shad are often moving in to places in the dark where they are not biting during the day.  Some serious Stumpies are around and definitely worth fishing for, especially early evening. 

There has been a marked absence of Snoek from the beaches and points for a period of about two to three weeks now, but they have just started to come back along with quite a few Kingfish, some really good ones, which have been giving the light tackled spinnermen a hiding.

Sardine action seems to be very spread out and beyond reach along almost the entire Transkei coast with big action still in the East London area.  As we all know, It is that time of the year when anything could happen and they could pop up anywhere and anytime now.  I am sure we are all holding thumbs for a good one and hopefully there are a lot of fish with them.  Be prepared.

Some amazing new products have come into the store this month.  Tiny Halco poppers for the estuary and bay fishermen, even for bass – have to be seen to be appreciated.  A Sebile vertical spoon, actually designed for ice-fishing, but will work incredibly well off-shore as a light jig.  A whole lot of new Assassin apparel in the form of beanies, buffs, long-sleeved t-shirts and rash vests. 

A full range of bait and lure dips and scents add huge options to your fishing.  Things like aniseed for the Bronze Bream and Kob anglers.  A UV bright dip to coat your lure or your bait is included in this line-up.  The whole “fish seeing UV” concept is making a lot of sense.  We have seen it a lot on our Snoek lures and now Rapala have come out with a range of lures that are all UV bright.  Recent tests showed that they work very well and I am sure we are going to learn a lot more about fish and UV colours in the very near future.  Rapala have also launched a range of Scatter-Rap lures.  These baits have a very different lip to the regular Rapala and have a great swimming action.

Coming this month are the new Assassin Amias – very good value for money shore spinning rods with the latest technology in microwave guides. 

The Durban, Umhlanga and On-line stores are running some serious specials up until the end of the school holidays.