Leerie Lucks at Lugs - 24 September 2011

 2015-09-02 04:05 PM by

Every now and then when I don't have much time in the morning I end up popping into Blue Lagoon for a throw.  Sometimes it is to test a new outfit, sometimes just for a throw.  Recently I have been

working on a new flat faced surface plug which is basically a GT Ice Cream Needle Nose with the end of the nose cut off.  I did this for a very specific reason.

The normal Needle Nose is definitely my No. 1 top-water bait but you will find that in a strong wind it is hard to stay in touch with the lure as the wind tends to grab the line and cause the plug to skip along the surface almost parallel to the beach at a rapid rate and I am yet to see a fish catch it when it is doing that. The Skinny Needle Nose is even worse in these conditions, which is to be expected because it was designed for speed and super-long casts.  The regular GT Ice Cream Chisel-Nose or Cone as we call it, is also not much help in this situation and in fact often ends up tumbling and boxing on the line, hence the birth of the Flat Face.

The one other modification besides the Flat Face was to give the plug some horizontal orientation by making it slightly wider than it is deep.  The Flat Face definitely holds the plug in the water better and pushes a vertical spray creating a lot more noise in a windy or choppy environment.  Having used it up at Seula up the North Coast very successfully when the fish wouldn't look at the live bait that the other anglers were using I had to go and test it out at "Lugs" in a strong Westerly.  What is very important here for Garrick and Kingies is that you must catch the water once it has turned and is coming out of the river forming a definite cut-line just behind the back of the drop-off at the bank of the mouth.  This works for almost any river mouth, particularly with these fish. 

Thanks to Sureshen, our staff members thoroughly enjoyed the best fish curry they have ever had.