May 2013 - 22 May 2013

 2015-09-02 04:05 PM by

The next couple of weeks are going to be very exciting from a “what should be happening” and a “what does happen” point of view.  On the saltwater side there were stories of sardines low down in the Transkei almost a month and a half ago. 

All the fish that precede the run are now well and truly here with Blackfin up and down the coast and quite a few big Couta coming out offshore.  The Snoek have been a lot more plentiful off the beaches and points than they were last year and some really good fish have come out.  Word has it that the green glow #2 Couta Casting are back in stock for as long as they last with the next shipment only mid July.  In its absence a lot of fish have been caught on the normal glow in the dark and also on the Chartreuse with a flash.

Quite a few customers resorted to throwing the lighter Couta Casting green glow #1 in desperation and were surprised to find that even though they lost a good distance in the cast they still caught a lot of fish.  The whole shore-based light to medium spinning scene has really blossomed of late and more and more fish are being caught all the time.  What’s really good to see is that a lot of guys are releasing their fish unharmed.

The young Garrick have also arrived.  It’s just a matter of days before the first big catches start to happen.  A couple of big Kob have already come out and in the next few weeks we are definitely going to see them increase in numbers, especially in the river mouths as soon as the Blackfin ease up.  The winter Diamonds have also started, although not quite as thick as they should be by now, but it won’t be long before they start worrying the live-bait anglers in the Durban region and off the points on the South Coast.

Alistair reports from our Umhlanga branch that there have been quite a few reef fish in the Umhlanga Lagoon area and a showing of small shad between Glenashley and La Lucia otherwise there is the odd Dusky or Spinner and one chap getting a hiding twice at the Lighthouse with unstoppable fish.

On the freshwater side, Tiger Fishing at Jozini has been great and will continue right through the winter months contrary to what we all used to believe years ago.  I have never seen so many juvenile Tigers in Jozini as this year - obviously a very high recruitment because of the fact that the dam had been low and a lot of vegetation grew on the exposed areas.  This is now providing cover for the fry. I am sure there is going to be an incredible amount of fish in the next couple of months.