Overview of GT Ice Cream Plugs - 14 June 2012

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GT Ice Cream Cone

This cone-shaped surface action casting lure is the original GT Ice Cream, the name being derived from the conical shape and the fact that the GT’s just couldn’t stop eating it.  It is still favoured by some GT anglers but definitely does not cast quite as well or create quite as much splash as some of the other versions that have evolved.  It will also tend to tumble at high speed.  Hook-ups can be a little more difficult when using stingers but are not bad with big treble hooks.

GT Ice Cream Needle Nose

This was the first variation from the standard GT Ice Cream and is definitely a far better casting lure with a slightly quieter type of action.  Provides excellent hook-ups because of the shape of the lure ensuring that once it is engulfed it will generally tend to be pulled through the corner of the jaw setting the stinger firmly in the scissors.  Once the GT is on he also has great difficulty in trying to rub it off on the reef and when his companions try to snatch the bait from his mouth they tend to slide off it, not getting as firm a grip as on other lures therefore ensuring a lot fewer straightened hooks.  The ¾ oz and 1 oz are very popular for estuary and light flats fishing.  The 1 ½ oz and 2 oz are by far the most popular for casting off-shore at busting surface feeding fish and for throwing long distances off rocks and in the surf zone for surface feeding game fish.  For the GT angler, a Stella 8000 to 10000 with 50lb to 80lb braid would be using 3oz to 5oz in this depending on his rod.  For the really serious stuff like the 18000 Stellas and 100 lb to 140 lb braid, one would definitely be looking at 5oz and 6oz sizes and would definitely recommend that you customise your hook depending on your tackle and specie being targeted.  This lure works best on a fast start and then moderate speed retrieve.  Really fast will cause a tumble.  First choice retrieve is the flat line, slap and wind type action where immediately upon hitting the water the lure commences its retrieve.  Failing that, another good alternative is the diving bird type attracting method where the lure is cast with a particularly high cast and allowed to penetrate the water column for quite some distance before commencing the retrieve.  It is often eaten before getting to the surface and in fact many fish have been caught vertical jigging this lure.

GT Ice Cream Skinny Needle Nose

The Skinny was born of the need for more stability in flight and on a high-speed retrieve.  Its presentation is definitely a little stealthier at slower speeds but will create some really good splash at seriously high speeds.  This is ideal for those really fast surface predators.  Perfect to use in those very calm, glassy, conditions.   The long slender profile definitely hints quite strongly of Half-beak, Garfish, Needlefish, etc.  Sizing is pretty much the same as for the standard Needle Nose from a casting weight point of view but there is a big difference when one gets to the 5oz.  It is a big lure with a total length of 260 mm excluding the hook.  It is quite different to the smaller sizes in that it was necessary to hollow out the bulk of the lure and fill the front with foam and load the back with lead to give it the same sort of action as the smaller Skinny’s.  As any serious GT angler will know there are times when the size of the lure is critical.   

GT Ice Cream Flat Face

This lure was developed to counter the effect of strong cross-winds that can send a lure skipping across the surface at the end of a large bow in the line, making them difficult for the fish to see, never mind catch and obviously making hook-setting very difficult.    The Flat Face has a slightly flatter cross-section providing more surface slap, rather than the square of the Needle and Skinny.  It also has a chopped off nose giving it the flat face which provides better water holding in the wind and a lot more noise and spray in the chop.  This completes the full range of needs in long casting surface action lures. 

Sizes available in the lures are ¾ oz, 1oz, 1 ½ oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz .  The 6oz is only available in the Cone and standard Needle Nose.


All these lures come rigged with a Dyneema super-braid single hook stinger arrangement rigged off the rear of the lure, except the 5oz Skinny which must be customised by the angler with his choice of hook configuration.  It is recommended that when there is a chance of encountering the razor gang, use the split ring, swivel, split ring, hook system, which provides the same stinger-effect  but cannot be bitten through.  Another idea for super-long casts and even more action on the lure, is to rig a much longer stinger directly off the swivel on the end of your leader that has the hook hanging at anything from ¾’s of the way down the lure to ¼ of the lure length past the bottom of the lure (vertical jig style).  This casts really well and takes the parachuting effect off the back end of the lure creating a lot more splash and no snags with tumbles.  It can also be jigged like a vertical jig in deep water. 

N.B. Very important to remember when fishing these lures with single hook stingers is that the rod should be held either vertically or horizontally at 90 degrees to the lure.  The fish needs to be able to grab the lure and turn to go to enable a good solid hook-set in the scissors.  A retrieve with the rod pointing straight at the lure or premature strikes by the angler as the fish tries to eat the lure will definitely result in failure to hook up.