We service and repair just about all brands and types of reels. 

If you would like to enquire about anything regarding a reel repair, please let us know by giving the below info. We can then assess your needs and get back to you. 

Please note that we do not pick up or drop off reel repairs and would require that you get it to us and collect it with your own means.

If you send the reel to us we will do a basic assessment of it for your confirmation and supply you with a job card before proceeding.

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  Multipliers   Additional Charges
  Star Drag R 200.00   Stripped R 200.00
  Lever Drag R 300.00   Seized / Badly Corroded R 300.000
  Big Game R 600.00   Priority (1-2 days) R 300.00
  Fly R 200.00      
  KP R 200.00      
  Grinders   Additional Charges
  Spool Service R 100.00   Stripped R 200.00
  Spool Service – Twin Drag R 150.00   Seized / Badly Corroded R 300.00
  Stella / Twinpower R 500.00   Priority (1-2 Days) R 300.00
  Saragosa R 300.00      
  All Others R 200.00      
  Line Roller Fitment R 100.00